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C550GM B.Tiff Gun Metal Stainless Steel French Braid Chain Necklace

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B.Tiff Gun Metal Stainless Steel French Braid Chain Necklace

The French Braid Chain is a variation on the rope chain that creates a spiraling effect in the finished braid looking similar to the famous hairstyle. The result is a highly reflective nacklace with dynamic metallic shine that moves with the wearer's each movement. 

** Some interesting facts about French Braid, and it is definitely not invented by the French people! The earliest evidence of people wearing this hair style is in the Tassili n'Ajjer mountain range in Algeria, North Africa. There, rock art depicting women wearing rowed braids dates back almost 6000 years. The style also appeared in early Greek art, on Celtic warriors and lasses, and as part of the elaborate updos worn by courtly women of the Sung Dynasty in China.

In short, the hairstyle is actually one of humanity's oldest and most popular hair inventions, just as much in use now as it was in ancient Sparta. It is not from Paris, but it is unquestionably timeless and chic.

The necklace is made of the finest hypoallergenic Surgical Stainless Steel. Allergy-free with high durability makes our material superior to most precious metals.


  • Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Natural color of stainless steel
  • Width: 7mm
  • Product #C550GM