Since 1999, the masterpieces of B.Tiff New York have defined
unique style and celebrated the world's greatest love stories.
The designers at B.Tiff New York visualized jewelry to be both
imaginative and state of the art technology. B.Tiff New York
uses a revolutionary technique called "Tension Setting".


The unique appearance and texture differentiates B.Tiff New York
jewelry from our competitors. B.Tiff New York offers our customers
a new style that combines impeccable function with a distinct
appearance, a type of jewelry that is about a joy for life and a
timeless beauty.




tension set ring



Tension Setting

A ring is only called a true tension ring if the ring it self is
the only setting. At B.Tiff we use two hundred pounds
of pressure against the surgical stainless steel to suspend
the stone. We have found the use of pressure has been
more favorable than the traditional methods of Prong Setting,
Claw Setting, and Cabershon Setting. We do not use
any harsh chemicals or adhesive but only the pure strength
of surgical stainless steel, which allows one to view the
stone in its entirety from top to bottom.

Surgical Stainless Steel

The durability of surgical stainless steel enables us to create
a scratch resistant product and can be re-polish over and over.
Surgical stainless steel will not tarnish, deform, or oxidized
with everyday use. Our surgical stainless steel has been tested
under spa water; the result did not damage or deform the steel
or the stone in anyway. Surgical stainless steel is by far the
latest vogue in the jewelry trade.

Signity Star Stone

It is a type of man made diamond, which has a lifetime warranty
of never getting cloudy, not even after contact with pool or spa water.