Since 1999, the masterpieces of B.Tiff New York have defined unique style and celebrated the world's greatest love stories.  B.Tiff New York were founded on impeccable designs, durable materials, and sustainable production.  We craft our jewelry from the finest stainless steel that fits into your everyday life. 

Here at B.Tiff New York we believe that beauty and happiness can be found in the smallest of things. As a brand we take pride in creating elegant jewelry in the finest stainless steel with a modern twist. We believe jewelry should be a part of your lifestyle, a distinct statement that make you feel unique and different.  “One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention”. 

We make a type of jewelry that is about a joy for life and a timeless beauty. Some of our pieces are statement with Tension Setting, some of them are classic staples, all of them are completely original and so are the ways you can mix and match to compliment your everyday wardrobe.                                                        
Tension Setting
At B.Tiff we use 200 pounds of pressure against the surgical stainless steel to suspend the stone.  We have found the use of pressure has been more favorable than the traditional methods of Prong Setting, Claw Setting, and Cabochon Setting.  The pure strength of surgical stainless steel, allows you to view your stone in its entirety from top to bottom.                                                                    

To keep your B.Tiff at their best, please give them occasional breaks and store neatly when not in use.  All of our Natural stainless steel jewelry will never tarnish due to its fine and durable material and only B.Tiff that are made in the Natural stainless steel without plating can be worn in the shower, the pool or the ocean. 

Any plating like Black, Blue, Gold and Rose Gold will eventually scratch and tarnish from normal wear and tear.  But do not worry, our lifetime service to the rescue - it includes complimentary re-plating or repolishing for the first year and a $25 service fee after that.

B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stones
The B.Tiff Diamond Alternative is a type of lab-made stone, which never gets cloudy, even in the shower, pool, or spa water.  B.Tiff Diamond Alternative Stones are bright, sparkly and display more fire than the best grade of mined diamonds. They have a hardness rate of 8.5 on the Mohs Scale and are known for their white color and internally flawless clarity.