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B.Tiff Gift Card Terms & Conditions

The B.Tiff Gift Card is redeemable for B.Tiff New York merchandise up to the prepaid value of the card. It acts like a gift certificate, but looks like a credit card. Available in denominations from $50 to $10,000. The B.Tiff Gift Card allows the purchaser to share with their gift recipient the To purchase a B.Tiff Gift Card, choose a value from the drop-down menu, enter a quantity and click on the purchase button.
Where can a B.Tiff Gift Card be used?
The B.Tiff Gift Card is recognized on all B.Tiff online stores,,,  Orders may be made by contact us at 212.695.1155 or 201.973.1598.
B.Tiff Gift Cards are packaged in a B.Tiff Satin Finish Box and sent by standard shipping unless you opt for express shipping.
Lost or stolen B.Tiff Gift Cards can be replaced to the purchaser, with proof of purchase.